Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grandma Squash

We call this recipe grandma squash because my great grandma made it. I asked my dad for the recipe so I could try to make it vegan. I did and it came out so good that we forgot to take pictures. We were too busy stuffing our faces. I used Ener G Egg replacer and safflower oil. I didn't have mint which was probably a real shame for taste reasons. I used a ton of garlic salt instead.

Here's my dad's recipe. Shred zucchini into a bowl. Let it stand 1/2 hour then drain excess water. Add 1 egg, flour, mint and salt/pepper. Use enough flour to make it pancake like batter. More egg for more batter. Probably about 2 tablespoons of mint to start.

Heat olive oil in skillet then add batter and grill. Flip after brown on one side. Can be messy and tough to get the right consistency but always tastes great.


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