Friday, April 2, 2010

Quick and Easy-sort of

Dinner tonight is from Vegan Lunch Box. The title of this meal is Quick and Easy 6.

Vegan Deli Slice Roll-Ups (SUPER easy). Just take vegan deli meat (I used Italian style) and add some vegan cream cheese. Very tasty.

Corn Tires (you slice corn on the cob, whatever, pain in the ass, I just cooked it normally).

Melon balls (my mom had a melon baller and it was fun for about 30 seconds, I just sliced up a seedless watermelon)

Pumpkin Carob Chip Muffins (she recommends using canned pumpkin, but not the pie filling type, or canned pureed butternut squash. I opted for the squash because I couldn't find the canned pumpkin. I also used vegan chocolate chips because I couldn't find dairy free carob chips. This was a lot of ingredients but very easy. Part of the ingredients are flax seeds too, which makes me smile. Oh, and they were DELICIOUS! There are a lot of ingredients, but simple to make, so if you want the recipe, please let me know.


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