Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cheesy Faux Souffle

Dinner tonight comes from Saving Dinner the Vegetarian Way, by Leanne Ely.

The ricotta cheese is made by blending firm tofu with garlic, salt, olive oil and dried oregano. I got that recipe from Skinny Bitch.

The eggs are actually Ener G Egg replacer, it's a powder you can find in the baked goods aisle. Instead of butter I used Earth Balance Soy Garden.

I also used whole wheat flour instead of plain.

The side dish is asparagus with leeks. I got the leeks in my Bountiful Basket and had no clue what they were or how to cook them. I found this recipe.

And of course the squash I made earlier today and posted about below.

Melissa :o)

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