Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vegan Friendly Tempe, AZ

This will be a brief post. I just wanted to post the links to 2 vegan friendly places in Tempe, AZ that are located in the same plaza.

The first is for PIta Jungle. I could eat here daily. There are many locations through out the valley. But I believe the Tempe location is the original. I love Pita Jungle because they offer all healthy options. I try something new every time I go. Their breakfast menu is almost 100 percent vegan. I can't wait to try it. There are no unhealthy choices for kids and I love that very much. If you give kids healthy food, they will eat it and love it. If you offer them unhealthy options, they will want that only and anything else will be a battle.

The second is for Chill. It's a vegan friendly ice cream shop. They have gelato and soy soft serve. I got a small cup of gelato and my 2 year old got a soft serve cone. Total price was $3.95

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