Monday, March 22, 2010

Pecan Crusted French Toast

This little guy is why I don't eat bacon anymore. One day I woke up. I thought, if it grosses me out that in some countries, they eat dogs and cats, why doesn't it gross me out that we eat pigs. Not to mention the literal torture that they endure in the slaughter houses. I cried so hard the day I read what they endure. There are some truly awful people in this world. I really used to think there was just some farmer mercifully killing animals. Boy was I wrong.

My whole vegan journey started out for health reasons, now it's about my furry friends. The title of this post is Pecan Crusted French Toast. I'm getting to that. I just wanted to post why I have a picture of bacon on my dinner tonight photo. It's not real bacon. It's Smart Bacon from Whole Foods. I didn't like it as much as I like Fakin' Bacon. Those are the only two brands of fake bacon I have tried. They aren't as good as real bacon, I will admit that. But my internal organs are happier and I am sure there is a pig out there somewhere who is happier too. I definitely don't miss the grease of real bacon. My 11 year old said, "this is good, not as wet as real bacon. I bet if I had never had bacon in my entire life, I would like this even better".

Pictured here is our dinner tonight. Fake bacon, sliced apples, and pecan crusted french toast. I had multiple servings of the french toast. I got it from my cookbook, Skinny Bitch in the Kitch.

The batter is made using corn starch, cinnamon, rice milk (or soy), chickpea flour (or brown rice flour). Dip the whole wheat bread (or raisin bread), then coat it with pecans. The cookbook warned that the pecans are hard to make stick. And they were. It then states in parenthesis to quit bitching about it because you're about to have french toast. That made me laugh because I WAS bitching about it to the coauthor of this blog while I was cooking. Especially because the bread kept crumbling up and wasn't very pretty. I drizzled a very small amount of organic maple syrup on top. It was sweet enough with out it! I love to cook things that are made with more natural sugars. I also love breakfast for dinner.

It was such a treat to have something so sweet. Then I logged onto one of my favorite blogs and they posted this tonight. Ironic.


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