Thursday, March 11, 2010

Craving a burger! Red Robin style!

How delicious does this look? I want one now just looking at it!!! One would never guess they weren't eating a slab of meat! This absolutely satisfied my craving for a burger. It comes with bottomless fries or you can opt for a side salad! I love their fries and their fry portions now are meager (hence the 6 fries they gave me) so I was ok with keeping fries as my side dish.

This is what RR has to say about the question, Do you currently offer any vegetarian options?

At most Red Robin locations, we offer meatless options as well as Boca Burgers and/or Garden Burgers, which can be substituted for any of our more than 20 gourmet burger selections. In addition, we are happy to customize other selections to meet your dietary preferences.
If your dietary preference is vegan, please note that currently Red Robin does not have any specific vegan menu items available. However, we are always happy to customize any of our salads or menu items for our Guests. Just ask your server and they will be happy to accommodate you in any way they can.

Sorry my vegan eating bestie, but you can always get a salad :)

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