Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Vegetarian

Dinner tonight was someplace I (Melissa) have posted about before. It is to die for. Brittney and I took our good friend Kelsey. We also took my boys, ages 2 and 11. Kelsey brought her daughter (age 2). We neglected to take photos of food. Too busy catching up and chatting!

Brittney had buffalo wings (no buffalo's were harmed) and noodles with veggies and "chicken".

Kelsey had a similar item. Her daughter had edamame. Kelsey is not yet a vegetarian. She said, and I quote, "

I really was very pleasantly surprised. It was awesome!"

My boys and I tried eggless egg rolls (tasted exactly like the kind you get at a Chinese restaurant). We also had pizza with faux mozzarella and pepperonis. We tried the wings as well. We also tried a salad with "ranch" and "chicken".

All of us treated ourselves to soynami's. They are like Dairy Queen blizzards except 100 times better. We ate till we were so stuffed. I can't wait to do it again!

My 11 year old loved being able to eat anything off the menu (he is severely allergic to dairy).

Thanks for a fun time girls!

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  1. It WAS awesome!! Thanks for the invite and the introduction to your new way of life. It felt like a very personal thing that we were invited to enjoy with you! Those Tsoynamis were AWESOME!! And the best part was no tummy ache afterward from the dairy.